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          We live on a large horse farm in eastern, Ky. We raise
French Bulldog's and "Aussiedoodle's".
We retired from breeding Chinese Sharpei that we owned
bred and loved for over 20 years, however, we can
recommend reputable breeders to you.



                                                     How it all began:

My love for dogs started when I was a very young girl. There was always
a stray I would take in and clean up and find a home for. I always felt
good when I could "fix" one, making them pretty and desirable for
someone to love.( That desire to "fix" everything is apparently why I
eventually became a nurse, so I could "fix" the world!.....LOL! )
By the time I was 14, I was hanging around a dog grooming shop and
small pet shop where I wasn't old enough to"legally" work, but they
welcomed me with open arms where I bathed dogs and cleaned kennels
and eventually was taught grooming and worked there.
My love for dogs spilled over into my 20's when I started showing. I
spent several years going to shows and enjoyed it alot as my friends
also showed and it was our "social time" together.
We got our first Chinese Shar-pei "Molly" in 1987. I was married with 2
daughters, Angela, age 8 and Jaime, age 1 yr.
Molly was just a year old, the same age as my "Jaime". We had decided
it was time to add a wrinkle puppy to our family and went out to the
country to view a litter of "wrinkle pups". When we went, we were rather
disturbed by the environment they were living in. The people were being
evicted that week and had the mother dog, "Molly" and her 4 puppies in a
dark and dirty shed outside...and were in obvious need of help.
We went there to pick up " a puppy" and came home with "Mom and 4
puppies" ! We found a home for each puppy including "Spike".....the one
we had planned to keep for ourselves. We had originally planned on
spaying Molly and finding a good home for her.....but after having her
around, we knew she would have a home for life!
We never had any idea what an impact this pet quality, bone-mouthed
sharpei would have in our lives and were blessed with her existance for
"17 years".
She died in my daughters arms, peacefully after what appeared to be a
stroke. Shar-pei do not normally live this long and we were extremely
lucky that she lived such a quality life for so many years.
In 1995 we added a 2nd shar-pei to our family and introduced, "Miss
Piggy" into our lives. Well, shar-pei are like "Lays Potato
chips".............nobody can have just one!
I hope you enjoy our dogs!

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